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EV Information

EV Information

I recently purchased a used Solectria Force electric conversion of a Geo Metro.

Here is some public information about the vehicle.

The previous owner Matt Tracy, of Las Vegas, NV, then KC, MO kept amazingly detailed records of charging events. Here are Matt's photos of the Force. I can't seem to be as thourough as he was, so I made an alternate form to record performance. Sorry, its in Gnumeric format. I'm not gonna convert to Excell for the 99% of the public that does not run LINUX. Seems like about a third of the EVers run LINUX anyway.

I wrote an e-mail to Brusa of Switzerland to ask if it was possible to get any documentation for the AMC300 controler that they were providing to Solectria in 1992. They actually found old paper copies, scanned them, and mailed me this PDF! Unfortunately, it is in German. I'll need some help to read it.

Later on some other Solectria owners on the EVDL informed me that the Amp-hour counter on this cas was a Brusa BC29, so I was able to download the BC29 manual from their WWW site.

I built an expanded range pack voltmeter with (4) 27v zenner, a 10v zenner, and a surplus analog voltmeter (50v) in series. They only charged me $2.50 for the meter and it looks and works great! I just frobbed the adjustment to so that the meter is biased by 120v. It appears that the current used to drive the meter (microAmps) is suffieient to send the zenners into breakdown, so the current draw for this device is practically zero. There are times when good old analog technology kicks digital's butt!

Here is a photo of the shunt and fuse used for the Amp Hour counter on David Roden's 1991 force. My 1992 shunt and fuse looks a bit different, with the two bars.

I bought the car with UB12750 batteries, mostly dead. I don't know what the expected cycle life of these should have been. As delivered, the Zivan NG3 sometimes runs away, and cooks the batteries. (Acceptance current held at like 3-5A, batteries heat up, and charger shuts down at overtemp alarm). I can see where the batteries would loose some capacity with each of these overhcharge events. I need to figure out how to reprogram the Zivan, or find a charger with a gentler algorithm if I am going to continue using SLA batteries.

Aaron Birenboim
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