Typical EVILbus interface schematic


The name EVILbus comes from an inside joke between Jon Pullen and Lee Hart. They started with "Electric Vehicle bus by Jon and Lee", but E V J L didn't spell anything. Lee said it's too bad his name isn't Igor. Jon suggested Electric Vehicle Instrumentation bus by Lee (EVILbus).

It is actually the bus used to communicate between the individual battery chargers in Rick Woodbury's Tango prototype.






Serial Bit Format

EVILbus nodes use standard UARTs or UART emulators to communicate over the network. The format is no parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and the default rate is 9600 baud. Individual bits within the byte are sent LSB first, MSB last.

Start | Bit 0 | Bit 1 | Bit 2 | Bit 3 | Bit 4 | Bit 5 | Bit 6 | Bit 7 | Stop

The bus idle state is high. A logical '1' bit is also a high state on the bus. A logical '0' is a low state on the bus.

Slave nodes may adjust their internal UART clocks to the incoming signal by training on a Sync byte in the implementation's data packet.