DX BlueTooth Module Notes

These are notes for the Bluetooth-serial module I got from DX.

The following are NOT for the DX module, but one that I think may be the same:

These are from the forums on the device at DX:

AT codes:

May need to tie pin 34 high to get to AT mode. Release 34 to go back to transperant?

A forum note on the actual DX module:
Connections (pad with golden dot next to it is pin 1):
1:TX (data out)
2:RX (data in)
11: RESET (connect to ground to reset, pullup-resistor of 10K recommended)
12: VCC (3.3V)
13: GND
24: LED output (ON when there is a connection, BLINKS when there isn't).

Full Manual

From another site that seems to sell the same module, a brief datasheet and overview of AT commands

Aaron Birenboim
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