Chicken Biryani

Working on combining/simplifying some Biryani recipes. The yogurt/onion marinade seems essential. It seems best to brown chicken first, fat side down, then flip, add more stuff, and finish under bed of par-boiled rice.

Skipping carmelized/fried onions. Great, but significant effort.

Marinade (2 to 6 hours):

Blend to a paste. Will not likely be pretty.
Adjust marinade seasonings (mostly salt and chili) to taste
Marinate 2 to 6 hours.

Rinse and soak basmati rice. Parboil. Drain.

In pot saute whole spices in oil/ghee for about 30 seconds:

Add chicken, fattest side down, until brown on bottom.
Flip over.
Pour remaining marinade on top.
Add water/stock if necessary to cover chicken.
Bring to simmer.

Cover with parboiled rice.
Make some safron (or tumeric) ghee or butter, and drizzle over rice.

Simmer until rice fully cooked. Chicken should be done by the time rice is fully steamed.

Top with chopped mint and/or cilantro and/or fried onions if available.

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