Chickpea Curry with Greens (Vegan)

Adaption from several similar recipes

Everyday, hearty, filling vegan curry chana, with greens

Takes some time, but a fairly complete 1-pot meal, with some rice or bread.

Only pre-prep needed: dice/mince/shred the Indian cornerstones. In this order, so first item (ginger) is at bottom of bowl:

  1. 10cc ginger
  2. 3 serano pepper (or more jalapeno, thai...)
  3. 6 cloves garlic
  4. 1 med to large onion
In large pan or pot on med-low heat, as oil warms: When oil starts to shimmer, and spices are lightly browned, start to cook the four cornerstones. Start with onion, then garlic, then chili.
Add a little salt to pan (perhaps 1/4 t).
Fairly med-low. Indian mirepoix. 5-10 minutes.

As the onions start to clarify, add ginger (rest of cornerstone pre-prep). Then add:

Get these to bloom a bit in oil.


mix together. saute a minute or two.


Let this simmer about 10-20 minutes.


When greens softed, finish with

Serve topped with :