Lamb Sausage

I made this once from a recipe for a rosemary sausage. I found it a bit dull. These are notes on how I might do a mint version next time.

Cut about 1kg lamb, roughly 20-25% fat, into small cubes, add 15g salt, 15g sugars, mix and place in freezer (for no more than an hour)

Prepare other ingredients:
Peel about 8 cloves garlic.
Wash about 250ml loosely packed mint leaves.
grind about 20g pepper

Place a mixing bowl in an ice bath. Add about 30ml wine vinegar, and about 60ml red wine in cold bowl.

mix herbs and spices in with meat.

Grind meat, herbs, spices into cold bowl.

Knead sausage in chilled bowl until springy, a little rubbery.

Fry a small pinch of sausage to test flavor. Adjust as needed.

Chill in fridge 2 hours to about a day before cooking.

Last modified: 190717