Saag Paneer
Punjabi style spinach with cheese cubes

Altering a bit from common internet procedures. In general, my Indian food according to recipe has been lacking compared to restauraunts. They often call for saute of spices with or after the cornerstones (onion, garlic, chili, ginger). I question this. I also question early saute of ginger. Perhaps wait until later if you like the flavor of fresh ginger.
  • sear about 8oz paneer cubes in ghee or coconut oil with salt on one side, then remove.
  • Make Indian mirepoix in same oil. You can chop as you make this in this order, since I generally want to cook onions longest.
  • Add more oil or ghee, and add giant amount of fresh, rinsed, diced spinach leaves. Fill the pot. A pound? All or most of a box?
  • Temper, in ghee or oil (coconut perhaps), in seperate skillet: Add some fat from canned coconut milk to temper, if using. Simmer briefly.
    Add temper to spinach after spinach has wilted and reduced a bit.
  • re-introduce paneer, browned on one side, back to spinach.
  • Add most of a 14 oz can coconut milk and/or some yogurt to taste, and consistency.
  • Season to taste with salt and ground black pepper

  • Simple Kale Paneer

    Like saag paneer, but simplified, for weekdays.
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