Bisquick Pancakes

It seems to me that Bisquick pancakes, with fresh milk and eggs should be better than Krusteze, which is a just add water mix. Frankly, It is just about as easy to add an egg and milk as water, I'd think I could save the Krusteze for camping. Unfortunately, I have not found that to be the case. My guess is that the primary difference is sugar in the mix.

It seems that sugar alone was not sufficient. Here is my current attempt to spruce up Bisquick pancakes.

Start with: Then add enough milk to give a typical pancake batter consistency.

This is still a little lacking in sourness. Baring a real sourdough mix, I might try adding a little lemmon juice next time.

Aaron Birenboim

Last modified: Wed Sep 20 09:38:10 MDT 2006