Jamaican Jerk

This is a work in progress. I did my first fully-smoked jamican jerk, and it was quite promising, but I think that it could be improved for use with a slow smoke process.

Mostly, a longer brine (marinade) period, with more sugar. I also think that an umami source, such as fish sauce, will help.

The jerk recipe I did yesterday was a bit strong on the black pepper and allspice. Perhaps they were overstated since I used fresh ground black pepper and allspice. I also think that more onion and citrus juice in the brine will help. The following shows a suggested next try, with less pepper and allspice, more fruit.

Suggesed recipe for 3-4 lbs. of pork:

Blend above. Marinate meat for 24 hours in this. Smoke at around 225F for 2-3 hours, until meat reaches 160F. Baste with marinade or a vinegar/sugar/fruit mop sauce every 40 minutes or so.
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