Aaron C. Birenboim
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87106
(505) 750-8435


02/23 to
Senior Software Engineer, Viento Modeling Simulation & Analysis
Primary developer of a parallel distributed message passing framework intended for use in time-ordered, event driven, simulations in C#, C++, and python. Support for simulation configuration and execution tools in C#. Target environments in Windows and LINUX, running directly or in distributed Docker containers.
4/15 to
Software Consultant, Aaron Birenboim Consulting
Primary client, Tau Technologies, LLC
Software Development Support
Optical system analysis and simulation.
Development of optical space surveillance system. Operations software and scripting, calibration software and procedures, image and video analysis, orbit analysis, secure networking, microprocessor controls.
11/05 to
Senior Software Engineer, Tau Technologies, LLC
Laser and optical system modeling and simulation
Software development and analysis performed primarily in C++, MATLAB, Java, and perl on Windows and LINUX platforms.
  • Developed algorithms for Image and video data analysis,
  • Developed software for camera response emulation, some for real-time using GPU.
  • Modeled high powered laser effects for use in simulations.
  • Developed laser optical simulation frameworks and API's.
10/02 to
Senior Software Engineer, Northrop Grumman Information Technology, Advanced Technology Division
Primary responsibility was direction and development of a new optical systems simulation framework, simulating propagation and imaging in optical systems involving lasers. Work performed under MS-Windows using MSVC++, Borland C++, and FORTRAN. Componentized, modular design supports ports to other platforms, such as LINUX.
4/01 to
Contract Software Engineer
Upgrades and maintenance of data acquisition and data analysis software in IDL, PV-Wave, Perl, C and C++ under Solaris, Tru64 UNIX, LINUX, VxWorks and Windows at White Sands Missile Range with Applied Technology Associates.

Upgrades and maintenance of Blue Spike's audio watermarking software in VC++.

Developed laser data analysis application in IDL for Boeing-SVS

10/00 to
Signal Processing Engineer, Blue Spike
Developed digital image watermarking algorithms in C++, C and IDL under Windows and Linux.
Developed numerical algorithms to improve existing audio watermarking software in C++.

Developed real-time data acquisition software under Linux. Designed and prototyped PostgreSQL database system and interfaces under Linux.

7/00 to
Senior Software Developer, Essential Communications
Maintenance of device drivers for HIPPI networking cards under Solaris and AIX.
Research for prototype hardware selection to develop next generation networking cards.
3/95 to
Applied Technology Associates
  • Signal Analyst, Reflective Tomography Imaging Program
    Refined algorithms for processing of LaDAR signals for imaging application. Software developed in IDL and C.
    Provide development and maintenance support for data analysis under Solaris, and real-time control systems development in VxWorks for HABE/ATP project (described below).
  • Computer Scientist, Adaptive Optics
    Developed real-time systems for data acquisition and control of Adaptive Optics.
  • Systems Analyst, High Altitude Balloon Experiment (HABE)
    Developed real-time systems for data acquisition and feedback control systems in VxWorks and parallelC. Developed software for the analysis and characterization of video streams and control systems. Developed software and procedures for data acquisition and management. Design and development of of WWW systems.
8/94 to
Software Developer, Zirkle Wells Software Group
Sold to SkyConnect which was sold to NCUBE
C and C++ programming, MPEG-2 systems coding standards, for use in prototype video on demand systems.
5/91 to
MTS Math/CS, Hughes Information Technology Corp.
Now Raytheon Information Technology Company
Earth-location and radiometric calibration of meteorological satellite data;
satellite data cartography; data fusion; satellite astrodynamics and navigation problems;
image restoration, and image compression.
9/89 to
Graduate Research/Teaching Assistant, Georgia Tech
Department of Electrical Engineering
Research in neural networks and stochastic process parameter estimation.
Teaching Assignments : electromagnetics laboratory, data structures in C
1/88 to
MTS, The Aerospace Corporation
Signal Processing Department
Projects included : digital image compression, feature extraction for pattern recognition,
shock spectra analysis, CCD fidelity analysis, and optical sensor simulation.
9/89 to
Georgia Institute of Technology
M.S., School of Electrical Engineering
Major : Digital Signal Processing
9/85 to
University of Southern California
B.S.E.E., Cum Laude
Security : Current DoD TS

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