PHP/PostgreSQL Rolodex and Calendar

I am a member of several social and special interest clubs. It seems like every club I see has a need to maintain a member address database and a calendar of events.

It seems even stranger that I had a hard time finding software to do this for me over the WWW. So I wrote some.

This is my first PHP/PostgreSQL project, so I invite comments about how to improve it, or make it easier to understand.

Get the PHP/PostGreSQL source HERE!
This code is not copyrighted or supported in any way. It is kind of custom for the first club I did this for. My idea is that you can look at this simple code, and edit as necessary for your organization.

Entry points:

Form to add a record to the member rolodex.
Form to request a report from the member rolodex.
Form to edit a member's entry in the rolodex.
Form to make an entry in the Calendar of events
Page to display calendar of events
Hope this helps people administer other clubs out there!
Aaron Birenboim
Last modified: Wed Nov 23 08:16:37 MST 2005