CD Ripping

For CD ripping, I like grip a (gnome?) graphical front end to many ripping and encoding programs.

My preferred ripper is cdparanoia which is supported by grip. I have not yet bothered to figgure out the entire output file parameter settings... but what I do know is that if I end the rip file format in something like .../%d/%t_%n.wav. %d appears to be an album name, %t appears to be track number, and %n appears to be song title. This program does a good ripping job (using cdparanoia) and also uses CDDB to get some titles.

Unfortunately, I do not (yet) trust the encoding options from grip to do what I want with lame, my favorite free MP3 encoder. So I have written a script wav2mp3 to encode wav output to mp3. Call this script with a command like

      wav2mp3 .../*.wav
and supply the year, artist, album name, compression parameters, etc. with your favorite editor. Arguments to lame will be provided to fill most standard (ID3v1) tags to the compressed files.

This script uses a wrapper to the Net::CDDB module which provides some default settings. Some of these settings may need to change for your network.

I also have a script to call cdparanoia and use CDDB to change the default output filenames to names containing the track name.

Aaron Birenboim
Last modified: Wed Nov 23 08:13:58 MST 2005